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  • Υπηρεσιες | Υιοι Α. Πανταζιδη Οε | Ξάνθη

    Xanthi timber Pellet Xanthi Egger Greece Melamine Xanthi Plywood Xanthi CNC Work Center Cutting, milling, welding, drilling CAD design Design, production CNC LASER Cutting, engraving Edging ABS, FOIL, wood tape, veneer Shredding Cutting

  • Ξυλεία Ξάνθη | Υιοι Α. Πανταζιδη Οε | Ξάνθη

    A. PANTAZIDIS SONS GP Trading - Wood Processing Melamines Melamine color chart SEE MORE WORKTOPS Worktops color chart SEE MORE Services List of services SEE MORE Xanthi timber Pellet Xanthi Egger Greece Melamine Xanthi Plywood Xanthi

  • Προϊοντα | Υιοι Α. Πανταζιδη Οε | Ξάνθη

    Melamines Realistic as never before ​ >> More Chipboard Constant over time classic. OSB Work, temperature, mechanical strength. Kitchen equipment Smart solutions ​ Worktops Stone, cement, wood with intense pores. ​ >> More MDF Now also in color Timber The warmest nature has given us Doors Laminate ​ ​ >> More Floors Quality and textures that will surprise you ​ >> More Plywood Where things want something that endures. Material furniture making Quality ​ Pellets Quality - Stock - Price ​ >> More

  • MFC | Wood

    Melamine color chart Selection Click on the logo of the company you want

  • Pellet | ΥΙΟΙ Α. ΠΑΝΤΑΖΙΔΗ ΟΕ | Ξάνθη

    Pellets Pellets and briquettes from tested companies suitable for any type of boiler or stove. Always in stock so that you never lose the heat from those you love. CALL US Transport Quality Certificates Store Schweighofer The Schweighofer Group is a strong company with six production plants in two countries. The pioneering spirit, passion, and striving for perfection have continued unabated. Holzindustrie Schweighofer starts operations with a new, modern sawmill in Sebeş / Romania. The first Schweighofer Prize is awarded in the same year. Through continuous research and investment, the Schweighofer Group continues to create new jobs in Romania and professional opportunities throughout Europe. ​ ​ Standards ​ As for the pellet of the Schweighofer group, it is of the highest standards as it holds ÖNORM – M 7135, DIN plus, and EN plus A1 certificates which are guarantees for excellent combustion with maximum thermal efficiency, leaving no other residues (except ash) and problem-free operation of the burner or pellet stove. The raw material from coniferous tree trunks combined with the factory's state-of-the-art technological equipment offers consumers high-quality pellets. ​ Packing ​ Sack 15kgr Pallet 66 bags. 990 kg Schweighofer Briquette 100% white spruce wood Country of manufacture: Austria. Diameter: 10cm Length: 25cm ​ Three times the performance of ordinary firewood. The quality of its manufacture and availability in an airtight package offers longevity to your devices ​ ​ High caloric value – 4800-5900 kcal. The heat emitted from one ton is equal to about 5-6 cubic meters of firewood. ​ Convenient size – 10kg bags. small amount of ash – 1% (useful fertilizer for the garden). Insignificant air emissions – sulfur 0.03% Extremely low humidity – 6-9%.

  • WORKTOPS | Wood

    Benches Bench color chart Selection Click on the logo of the company you want

  • Rythmos | Wood

    We Are Coming Soon Egger

  • ΕΤΑΙΡΙΑ | Wood

    Our company The company was founded in 1985 by Alexandros Pantazidis and its main purpose was to introduce a new dimension in the trade of wood, that of processing. Since then, the company has been pursuing quality and development in order to be able to offer high-level products and services. The evolution and upgrading of our products and services are the two main pillars of the relationship we build with our customers

  • Επικοινωνια | Υιοι Α. Πανταζιδη Οε | Ξάνθη

    Get in touch WITH US Tel.254-107-8262 Fax. 254-102-6754 2km from Xanthi - Kavala Xanthi, TK 67100 ​ Xanthi timber Pellet Xanthi Egger Greece Melamine Xanthi Plywood Xanthi VISIT US Monday - Friday 08:00 - 16:00 SEND US YOUR MESSAGE Mission Thanks for the communication

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